The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, October 11, 2011

With the U.S. Capitol looming behind him and 14 boxes filled with petitions stacked in front of him, Rep. Tom Price demanded action. "It's time now for Senate Democrats to represent their constituents and repeal this bill," the Republican from Roswell told a row of television cameras last week. The object of his ire was the Affordable Care Act, better known by foes as "Obamacare." Featuring 10 conservative Republican members of Congress, the news conference was organized by a group that claimed it collected 1.6 million signatures demanding repeal. But the Democratic Senate and White House remain legislative brick walls to the effort. Short of a full repeal, which the GOP-controlled House passed in January, Republicans are pitching a series of bills designed to take apart pieces of it. Georgia's three physician members—Price and Reps. Phil Gingrey, R-Marietta, and Paul Broun, R-Athens—have been particularly active in the push. Price and Broun have drafted bills to replace the law, even though Republican leaders for now are giving higher priority to undoing new environmental and labor regulations.

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