Los Angeles Times, September 29, 2011

The constitutional clash over President Obama's national healthcare law moved closer to the Supreme Court on Wednesday, when both the administration and Republican state attorneys separately asked the justices to hand down a verdict early next year. Both sides in the legal battle cut short their time for filing their appeal petitions in the high court, and both said they were anxious for a final ruling. "This healthcare law is an affront on Americans' individual liberty," said Florida Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi. "This case is paramount in our history and will define the boundaries of Congress' power as set forth in our Constitution." She spoke for Republican officials in 26 states who sued in Florida to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, and she asked the high court to strike down the entire measure, not just its mandate that all Americans have health insurance. Shortly after Florida's announcement, U.S. Solicitor Gen. Donald Verrilli Jr. asked the high court to review the 11th Circuit decision and to uphold the law in full. He said the justices should defer to "the considered judgment of the elected branches of government on how to address a crisis in the national healthcare market."
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