HL20: Larry Rhodes, MD—Passion for Healthcare in the Mountain State

Ryan Chiavetta, January 22, 2014

Trained in gritty urban centers, Larry Rhodes, MD, is working to expand pediatric care and bolster telemedicine programs in his home state through his leadership role at West Virginia University's School of Medicine and his volunteer activities.

This profile was published in the December, 2013 issue of HealthLeaders magazine.


Larry Rhodes, MD, has worked for some of the most famous hospitals in the country based in the urban centers of Boston and Philadelphia.

While he enjoyed his time in the big cities, his heart always belonged to his home state of West Virginia, which has fewer than 1.9 million residents.

The love and passion for the Mountain State is what motivates Rhodes in his numerous endeavors to help create the best possible healthcare system for his patients.

Rhodes does most of his work through West Virginia University, serving as the director of community and rural health, and was named permanent chair for the WVU School of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics in June, after serving as interim chair for 15 months.

He says "I'm very excited about it because it's an opportunity to do more of what I want to do," says Rhodes. "You have a bigger bully pulpit as a chair in doing things for patients and different community-based activities for families and patients."


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