Miami Herald, December 29, 2010

Three times a month, Ted Shaw leaves his cramped office at Jackson Health System in Miami, gets on a plane and seven hours later arrives at his Texas home, where his main weekend activity is likely to be feeding 30 deer who wander onto his eight-acre property. About 40 hours after he arrives, he kisses his wife goodbye and returns to the pressure cooker at Jackson. He has worked there for eight months as a $2,500-a-day consultant hired to fix the system's troubled finances and recently was named chief transition officer. Jackson suffered a loss of $244 million in fiscal 2009 and $100 million in 2010. Even as Jackson CEO Eneida Roldan announced she was quitting and could no longer tolerate political sniping from 30 bosses -- the Public Health Trust and County Commission, among others -- Shaw has navigated a complex maze, charming virtually everyone at County Hall and the Trust, which governs Jackson.
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