Slideshow: Path to Collaborative Care Paved with Risk, Revenue

, May 1, 2013

The potential of collaborative care to lower costs and improve healthcare quality and outcomes is coming online rapidly. More than two thirds (69%) of healthcare leaders are in at least the early stages of considering participation in a formal collaborative care model and one quarter are already participating in one.

The path, however, is not free of roadblocks. Exclusive research conducted by HealthLeaders Media finds that:

  • Seventy-eight percent of collaborative care models will be fully operational by 2014.
  • The greatest roadblocks to adopting collaborative care with physicians are their desire to remain independent (21%), a lack of buy-in (17%), and a lack of trust (14%).
  • Forty-five percent of healthcare leaders are concerned about achieving cost savings from collaborative care, and 40% fear an exposure to financial risk.

In the most recent intelligence report, Collaborative Care: Hospitals Balance Risk and Revenue With Physicians and Payers, we analyze data collected from senior healthcare executives, examining both the risk and rewards associated with collaborative care.

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