Supreme Court Can't Stop Healthcare Reform

Philip Betbeze, March 30, 2012

Whatever the court ultimately decides will only minimally alter the business of healthcare right now. Reform has been coming organically because payers can't—or won't—suffer double-digit premium increases any longer.

If you want to bash healthcare these days, get in line.

For years, many influential people have rightly decried the high variability in healthcare.

They've also critiqued the high cost of healthcare as unsustainable. They're right. You won't get much argument from anyone that healthcare costs are a huge drain on our nation's productivity.

Some of those costs, unquestionably, come from adverse selection—that is, people don't try to obtain health insurance until they get sick—and by then, they usually can't get it. Yet in most cases, they aren't left to die; they get treatment.

Maybe their care isn't as good as care delivered under so-called “Cadillac health plans,” but you can be sure the bills will be astronomical. And often, such patients are in no position to pay those bills.

Philip Betbeze

Philip Betbeze is the senior leadership editor at HealthLeaders Media.


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