4 Steps to a Dynamic Facebook Presence

Marianne Aiello, February 22, 2012

Chances are your hospital or health system is on Facebook. At this stage in the game, most are. When delving into the ever-changing world of social media, Facebook is the first stop for most organizations. But the journey doesn't stop once you create your page.

1. Double-check your basics

Your Facebook page is useless if people can't easily find you. Make sure the categories you selected are the most applicable. (From your page, click "Edit Info" to be able to review and edit your Basic Information page.)

If you choose the general category "Companies & Organizations" then the second tier category "Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals" might be the best fit for you. But if you choose general category "Local Businesses & Places" then the second tier "Hospital/Clinic" may be a better choice. Make sure you have selected the most relevant options so patients and brand advocates can find you in a couple clicks.

While you're on the Basic Information page, see if you've created a unique URL. About a year ago Facebook gave everyone—from organizations to individuals—the ability to create a unique URL so that they could more easily direct people to their page.

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