Goodbye, Physician Relations; Hello, Business Growth

Marianne Aiello, July 18, 2012

The traditional physician relations model is dead. At least it is at Texas Health Resources, and a growing number of organizations narrowing their sites on increasing volume. If this trend continues, physician liaisons may soon be a thing of the past.

In 2008, Texas Health Resources, the 24-hospital, Dallas-based health system, realized it needed to drive up volume in order to remain competitive. Naturally, it first looked to its physician relations strategy.

What the health system found was not one cohesive program, but several inconsistent strategies throughout each of its affiliates or, as THR calls them, entities.

"We decided to make it a system-wide strategy when the economy went to hell in a hand basket and volume became more important to the organization," said Susan Boydell, director of business growth strategy for the health system. "We knew physicians were the best way to go after that volume and the strategy changed from a traditional physician liaison program to business growth."


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