Hospital System Gets 'Powerful' Results from a Refreshed Tag Line

Marianne Aiello, June 4, 2014

To reveres low awareness of its advanced and complex healthcare services, a two-hospital system in Pennsylvania retooled its marketing campaign tagline.

The desire to scrap the old and start fresh with the new is a facet of human nature. It's tempting to scrap an old thing no longer works and replace it with a shiny new one.

But sometimes a little sanding and a fresh coat of paint can make the old sparkle like new. (Trust me, I have a Pinterest board full of refurbished furniture to prove it. A little imagination and elbow grease can truly give new life to just about anything. It's true of antique vanities and hospital marketing campaigns alike.

Abington Health, a two-hospital system based in Abington, PA, has done just that with its "Power" campaign, which is an extension of its longtime tagline "the power to heal." The health system decided to retool the tagline after it discovered low awareness among both consumers and employees of the advanced and complex services available at Abington.

"We had been using the tagline 'The power to heal' for several years and were looking to transition the word 'power' to help us explain our breadth and depth in the market," says Beth Ann Neill, director of public relations and marketing for the system. "Too often, campaigns are abandoned too early. Instead of abandoning the tagline entirely, we transitioned 'power' to be the emphasis of the campaign.

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