Hospitals Find their Place on Pinterest

Marianne Aiello, April 4, 2012

Hats off to you if you've made it this far and haven't heard of the latest social networking craze: Pinterest. To catch you up, the site is a photo-heavy content-sharing service that allows users to create and manage posts, or "pins," and place them into category collections, or "boards."

For example, you might your pin a delicious-looking photo of bacon mac and cheese to your "Dinner Ideas" board. Of course, then you might want to pin an ab workout to your "Fitness Inspiration" board.

You also follow other pinners, from your mom's cousins to your high school biology lab partner to the occasional actual friend, and their pins show up on your newsfeed, which is sort of like a grid-version of Facebook's and Twitter's feeds. While anyone can create their own pin, most people tend to largely "re-pin" (re-post) existing pins.

I swear, it is not as complicated as it sounds. You'll figure it out in five minutes.

The great thing about Pinterest, from a marketer's perspective, is that the demographics skew slightly older and wealthier than Facebook and Twitter. More than 67% of users are 25 or older and 28% of users earn at least $100,000 per year. The site averages one million visitors every day. (To learn more about Pinterest's demographic breakdown, check out the nifty infographic on Mashable.)

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