Hospitals Tie In to Olympics' Goodwill

Marianne Aiello, July 25, 2012

With the 2012 summer games officially kicking off this Friday, the Olympics hype machine is in full swing. You can hardly turn on the TV without catching a profile of a gold-medal hopeful, hit the water cooler without hearing which events colleagues are planning to live-stream during work, or scroll through Instagram without seeing the U.S. gymnastics team posting photos of their new hot pink leotards. (Just me?)

For most people, the Olympics just makes us feel good—perhaps because it's the best thing on TV, or because it renews our sense of patriotism, or because it reminds us of a time when our biggest worry was perfecting that cartwheel. (Again, just me?)

Whatever the reason, there's nothing wrong with healthcare organizations piggybacking off that goodwill. And three in particular are doing a great job of it.


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