Humorous Holiday Commercial Reminds Community to Take Care

Marianne Aiello, December 1, 2010

Lexington Medical Center took a cue from slapstick comedy when creating its 2010 holiday commercial. "Yes, we see some crazy things during the holidays and, well, we'll be here for you," a physician says as she gives a sideways glance at a man with a wreath and part of a door stuck to his hand. The next scene shows how the man wound up with such an ailment. It involves a nail gun.

The 60-second spot goes on to show a man looking for Christmas decorations falling through the attic floor and a man electrocuting himself while trying to wire holiday lights, all while comical tuba music plays in the background.

"This year's commercial pays tribute to the enthusiasm that many of us display during the Christmas season in decorating our homes," the West Columbia, SC, hospital said in a release. " In a humorous and satirical way, the commercial depicts spirited holiday decorators injuring themselves while hanging wreaths, moving boxes and rigging lights. In the commercial, each of the characters ends up in our hospital's Emergency Department for treatment."

The commercial debuted on television stations across the Midlands of South Carolina and the medical center's YouTube page on Thanksgiving Day.

"The commercial is designed to reflect the lighter side of the holiday season," said Mark Shelley, director of marketing at Lexington Medical Center. "We hope it will make people laugh."

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