Seeking a Bump in Maternity Services

Marianne Aiello, April 30, 2014

Ellis Medicine's new maternity campaign focuses on mothers rather than babies, and recognizes pregnant women's social media presence as an avenue for promotion.


An example of Bellevue Woman's Center's campaign

The very first photo of my cousin's new baby, posted minutes after his birth, generated 239 likes on Facebook in just under 24 hours. I'm sure readers have seen similar occurrences on their newsfeed each week, with new moms or moms-to-be posting app-filtered photos of sonograms and teething rings and tiny Chuck Taylor shoes, all generating a significant social response.

While some may dismiss these sorts of posts as meaningless oversharing, Ellis Medicine, a 438-bed system in Schenectady, NY, recognized pregnant women's social media presence as an opportunity to promote its Bellevue Woman's Center. The system launched a maternity campaign on Monday and sourced its message and models from—you guessed it—Facebook.

"Bellevue Woman's Center is a destination hospital for expectant mothers from across our region, and this campaign aims to build on its reputation in a modern, memorable way," says Jennifer Susko, director of marketing and communications for Ellis Medicine.

The campaign, which was created to drive volume to Bellevue's maternity program, features actual patients and their baby bumps.

It was an obvious choice to go to social media for a maternity campaign, Susko says, especially since 78% of Ellis' 4,671 Facebook followers are women.

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