USA Today, July 8, 2010


Go into any OB/GYN office and you're likely to see a large bulletin board covered with snapshots of babies. But the docs at one Irving, TX, OB-GYN practice have taken that ubiquitous display of cute kids into the 21st century. Their patients can post photos on the MacArthur OB/GYNNFacebook page, where the doctors post news about their practice and the medical world at large. It has more than 600 fans. Jeff Livingston, who spearheaded the practice's venture into social media, also manages the @ macobgynrTwitter account, which has about 1,600 followers. He sees Facebook as an educational and, perhaps just as important, marketing tool. "People are looking for information online," Livingston says. But few doctors have embraced social media as enthusiastically as he has. Concerns about time and patient privacy have deterred many.
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