Unified Branding is Tougher Than You Think

Marianne Aiello, March 27, 2013

Creating a cohesive, integrated brand across multiple products and service lines is a difficult task among all industries. Apple is probably one of the most successfully integrated brands in the market—you see the bitten-apple icon or that lower-case "i" and you know instantly that it's an Apple product, whether you've heard of it or not.

This task becomes trickier for health systems, which often pick up service lines on their own or as a result of a merger or partnership. Yet the industry-wide push toward ACOs and the patient-centered medical home model is prompting healthcare organizations to hammer out a singular identity across all silos. Besides, being practical, it's just good branding.

Two competing organizations in the Charlotte, NC, market have both recently set out to streamline their brands. They make for an informative case study.

Novant Health's Naming Conventions
Last month, 13-hospital Novant Health announced a strategic branding plan to align all of its hospitals under the Novant name: Presbyterian Hospital became Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center, Rowan Regional Medical Center became Novant Health Rowan Medical Center, etc.

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