Bluffton Today/Morris News Service, June 21, 2011

Thursday's scheduled execution of a man convicted of killing a Savannah woman in 1978 could be derailed with a complaint filed Monday by a group opposed to the death penalty against a physician whose Jonesboro practice assists in lethal injections. The group, Southern Center for Human Rights, filed the complaint against Dr. Carlo Anthony Musso for importing a pain killer used in executions. The complaint argues that since Dr. Musso isn't licensed as a drug importer with the Georgia Board of Pharmacy or the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, he violated state and federal law. The complaint is before Georgia's Composite Medical Board. It accuses him of illegally importing the drug and selling it to Tennessee and Kentucky for their lethal injections. "Georgia's Medical Board should revoke Dr. Musso's license to practice medicine; at the very least, it should suspend his license pending a full investigation," said Jessica Oats, an attorney with the Southern Center.
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