To Demystify MACRA, Start with Compliance

Debra Shute, November 3, 2016

Gilberg: If there's any area where the rule misses the mark completely, I think it's that—the difference between the performance year and the incentive year that the fact that physicians won't receive a feedback report until August 2018 on care they delivered as early as January 1, 2017.

Our members will be quick to tell you that information is not actionable for quality improvement purposes. It's just a retrospective report card.

If CMS really wants this to be a quality program, it will have to provide real-time data that practices can use in time to intervene. The need to catch gaps in quality and cost along the way is at the root of why the industry is moving toward value based care.

But the feedback loop is so disconnected right now that most people are just trying to figure out how to comply with the rules.

Debra Shute

Debra Shute is the Senior Physicians Editor for HealthLeaders Media.

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