Chicago Tribune, August 26, 2011

Illinois is moving to rescind the licenses of 37 doctors and other healthcare workers under a new law that bans from their professions workers convicted of sex crimes or violent acts -- even as the measure is challenged in court. All told, 20 doctors, 11 nurses, five pharmacists and a dentist have been sent notices, according to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. The state announced 22 revoked licenses, with another nine planned in the next week. Of those 22 already announced, only six had active licenses. The rest were either on suspension or did not have their licenses renewed when they expired, records show. More revocations are expected as the agency reviews its records, spokeswoman Sue Hofer said. Venkatesan Deenadayalu, MD, indicated he planned to fight revocation because he already has been punished by the state agency for his offense and has been following its restrictions, such as having a female assistant with him when treating females. Deenadayalu, 65, was convicted of misdemeanor sexual abuse and battery of a patient in his Downers Grove clinic after a 1999 incident. The state temporarily suspended his license, but he was allowed to resume practicing medicine in 2008. "This is not fair," he said. "I was already punished fully. … After 10 years, there has been no case against me since, and they treat me like this. I'm a law-abiding citizen."

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