The Portland Press Herald, December 13, 2010

Dr. Dustin Sulak probably has the state's fastest growing medical practice.

The osteopathic physician, who's been licensed for just over a year, had 30 patients last fall. Now, he treats 1,300.

On the wall of Sulak's examination room, next to his diplomas and state license, are framed certificates naming him a Reiki master and a clinical hypnotherapist.

All patients, on their first visit, get a hands-on healing treatment from either Sulak or a nurse practitioner, he said between bites of quinoa, a grain-like seed that he ate from a mason jar.

The 31-year-old doctor is tall and lean, with a long dark ponytail. An advocate for alternative medicine, Sulak gives his patients advice about healthier lifestyle choices, and many of them leave his office with bottles of supplements sold at the reception desk. Before and after appointments, patients get a hug from Sulak.

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