Times Union, May 19, 2011

Korey DiRoma, a naturopathic doctor, has offices in Delmar, NY and Bennington, VT but some of his Delmar patients drive across the state line so he can examine them, diagnose their health problems and recommend treatment. Naturopathic doctors advocate for exercise, diet and supplements for health problems, but New York law does not allow them to diagnose or treat patients or prescribe medications. "We are not MDs and we are not trying to be MDs," said DiRoma, who practices as a consultant at The Center for Integrative Health and Healing. "We are primary care providers that stress natural interventions for preventing health problems." Naturopaths were at the Capitol in Albany lobbying for bills that would recognize them as licensed professionals. Fifteen states and Washington, D.C., currently license naturopathic doctors, including Arizona, California, Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire.
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