Orthopedic Leaders Describe 'Cruising to Recovery' Strategy

Joe Cantlupe, March 31, 2011

Hospital leadership at the MemorialCare Health System in Southern California use a term to describe their plans for efficiency, physician alignment, and improved patient outcome in orthopedic care: Cruising to Recovery.

The phrase signifies not only the locale of the hospital system, not far from the ocean, but also its revamped method of care for orthopedic patients. Hospital leaders discussed the changes Tuesday at a HealthLeaders Media Rounds event, "Orthopedic Leadership Strategies: Engage, Measure and Perform" at the Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, CA.

They discussed the development of a joint replacement center, with a patient-centered focus that was the result of many internal system changes within the system. Using Lean principles, hospital officials also developed patient-education coaching models to attain what they term better outcomes and efficiencies, while focusing on improved physician leadership strategies for improved alignment and engagement.                                                     

The hospital's physician structure has been and continues to evolve in importance. "Our ability to partner closely with physicians is critical as we prepare for healthcare reform, with stronger partnerships, shared decision-making and innovative leadership models," says Marcia Manker, CEO of the Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center.

Hospital collaboration is especially important with the MemorialCare Physician Society, which consists of more than 2,000 physicians, developed in 1996, and IPAs (independent practice association). "It's the foundation of our physician alignment that is critical to meet the needs of our doctors and the changing face of our delivery system," Manker says. "The physician society teams up with our employees to drive clinical standards in performance resulting in exceptional outcomes."

Joe Cantlupe Joe Cantlupe is a senior editor with HealthLeaders Media Online.Twitter
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