Videos as Instruments of Physician Engagement

Carrie Vaughan, September 27, 2011

Hospitals looking to connect with patients, grow market share, and increase awareness about their services are turning to physician videos as a means to accomplish those goals. It's also a way to engage the physicians, says Pam Marecki, assistant vice president of communications at Bayhealth Medical Center, a two-hospital system in southern Delaware.

"Research has shown that physicians who have a video gain more Web traffic," she says. In June 2010, Bayhealth started taping a video series titled "A Bit of Advice" at the same time it was completing video biographies about its physicians for its website, "We wanted to make our Website more interactive and engaging for the consumers," says Marecki, adding that they succeeded in engaging both consumers and physicians.

"Physicians with video links on their Web pages had three to four times more traffic, so it's a great marketing tool for physicians."

To date, Bayhealth, which has a medical staff of more than 400 physicians, has completed about 50 "A Bit of Advice" videos and will continue to add videos to the site periodically.

The video series was done at the same time the biographies were recorded, so there was no additional cost to the system because the video biographies were budgeted as part of the launch for Bayhealth's new website.

Initially, physicians' response to the campaign was a little slow, says Marecki, but interest has grown with the number of videos. To prep doctors for the video segment, Bayhealth asked physicians to consider what they would tell their patients if they could give just one piece of advice.

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