Chicago Tribune, November 3, 2011

John Principe, MD, a primary care physician for 20 years, came close to abandoning medicine after growing weary of seeing chronically ill patients who wouldn't take care of themselves. To his surprise, though, his second career choice and passion –– cooking, which he almost left medicine for –– would end up not just restoring but transforming his commitment to his patients. Principe two years ago founded WellBeingMD Ltd., a comprehensive medical practice in Palos Heights that integrates traditional medicine with classes on making significant lifestyle changes –– including cooking, yoga, pilates, exercise, acupuncture and massage. His work has garnered praise from some of the nation's top health researchers, including Dr. David Eisenberg, director of the Division for Research and Education in Complementary and Integrative Medical Therapies at the Harvard Medical School Osher Research Center.

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