Healthcare Delivery Gets its Own Journal

Cheryl Clark, January 31, 2013

As if there weren't enough scholarly articles being published about our fractured healthcare delivery system already, a new journal with a different approach will launch soon. It is geared toward those who actually deliver care rather than toward the policy wonks who think and write about healthcare, often without benefit of direct clinical experience.

The new journal's editors expect the new journal will help fill a widening gap, and expand knowledge about the "how" of care delivery at a critical time in this era of reform.

Healthcare: the Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation, due in June, will be published quarterly at first. Its scientific, peer-reviewed papers will be published online and in print at no charge for the first year. The first four issues will each have a theme, such as payment innovation, patient-centered clinical innovation, quality and process improvement, and applied health information technology.

"There are plenty of terrific journals out there," including the Journal of the American Medical Association family and Health Affairs, acknowledges Ashish Jha, MD, a practicing Harvard internist and associate professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management. Jha is one of the new journal's three senior editors.


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