Joint Commission Announces 'Top Performers'

Cheryl Clark, October 31, 2013

One in three hospitals eligible for The Joint Commission's 'top performer' status has provided an evidence-based care practice 95% of the time for patients with certain conditions.

Some 1,099 hospitals received accolades as "Top Performers" from The Joint Commission's annual quality report Wednesday. That was one third of the hospitals eligible for evaluation through their commission accreditation.

The distinction indicates that hospitals have achieved a 95% reliability performance score on key measures they choose to report.

In releasing this year's report, TJC President and CEO Mark Chassin, MD, said that 479 more hospitals reached this quality threshold than last year while another 20% missed the mark by just one measure.

"These results are more than numbers," Chassin said at a news briefing. "They mean better care for the millions of Americans who require surgery, or who are hospitalized with heart attack, heart failure, stroke, or pneumonia. They mean better care for children coping with asthma, better inpatient psychiatric treatment, increased rates of immunization, and better prevention of dangerous blood clots known as venous thromboembolism."

That means that these 1,099 hospitals provided an evidence-based care practice 95 out of 100 times they had the opportunity to do so for patients with the conditions Chassin listed.


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