Leah Binder Wants Your Hospital Data

Cheryl Clark, July 18, 2013

The Leapfrog Group CEO wants public reporting of nine so-called "never events" to remain public. The AHA, she says, wants to suppress it. But that's not all. Binder wants "more data—a lot more data."

Leah Binder has a very tricky job.  

As president and CEO of the Leapfrog Group, she has to be nice to hospitals because she needs more of them to voluntarily report quality data to Leapfrog, even though they may suffer the ignominy of getting a poor safety grade, or appear shabby for not having implemented electronic systems for physician orders.  

If she isn't nice to them, they might get turned off, or drop out of Leapfrog's program, and the employer groups and others she represents—who want public reports on lots of measures to show them where to spend their healthcare dollars won't be happy.

But she also has to be critical of the hospital industry, be tough, and hold her ground. And that side came out this week in her Forbes blog, which was topped with the provocative headline: "Bone-Chilling Mistakes Hospitals Make and Why They Don't Want You to Know."

In it, Binder criticized the hospital industry, specifically its lobby, the American Hospital Association, for its efforts to stall public reporting of quality measures and delay penalties for hospital mistakes, a trend in the opposite direction of the one I thought we're supposed to be headed.


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