U.S. Cancer Rate World's Seventh Highest

Cheryl Clark, January 25, 2011

Americans are diagnosed with cancer at a rate that is the seventh highest on the planet, according to a new report by the American Institute for Cancer Research, an organization that links behavioral factors such as poor diet, high weight, alcohol consumption and sedentary lifestyle with an increased risk of cancer.

The AICR says that about 300 out of every 100,000 people in the U.S are diagnosed with cancer each year, just a few less than the 326 people diagnosed in Denmark, which has the highest cancer rate of all countries.

Other countries with cancer rates in the top 10 are Ireland, 317; Australia, 314; New Zealand, 309; Belgium, 306; France, 300.4; Norway, 299; Canada, 296 and the Czech Republic, 295.

The rates, which are taken from the World Health Organization data and the International Agency for Research on Cancer in France, are age adjusted, correcting for the fact that older people are more likely to have cancer.

The AICR says that high-income countries have higher cancer rates in general because high-income countries are better at diagnosing and recording new cases. But lifestyle is important too.

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