6 Google+ Positives for Healthcare

Gienna Shaw, July 12, 2011

Still in beta, Google’s latest foray into social networking, Google+, is already generating better buzz than its previous attempt, Google Buzz,  and although there are some skeptics, many early adopters are simply gushing about it.

I count myself amongst the skeptics—but then again I always count myself amongst the skeptics. Some years ago, I didn’t believe smartphones would be that big a deal, either. And in the early days of Facebook and Twitter, I was guilty of being somewhat dismissive of social media.

I may have finally learned my lesson; you can indeed find me posting about healthcare technology on Google+.

The platform does, in fact, hold promise for healthcare organizations. Just keep in mind that Google+ is still in a limited trial phase and isn’t open to commercial accounts yet—although Google promises it will offer additional functionalities for business users eventually. 

Here are six reasons I like Google+ for businesses, including healthcare organizations:

1. Social Media Networking
It has more features than other social media sites

Google+ does have a lot of functions that its main competitor does not, although there’s no doubt that Facebook will adapt to compete with the new service. Multi-person video chats are just one example—healthcare organizations could use them to conduct small group meetings among remote employees or even as focus groups among patient advisors.


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