ZDNet, September 15, 2010

Dell is aiming to take its 5-inch Android Streak into the healthcare industry as part of a broader set of healthcare services and IT gear.

The move is notable given that physicians are already eyeing Apple’s iPad as a way to access electronic medical records (EMRs) and network doctors and patients. As previously reported, the iPad is gaining traction in the enterprise; and the healthcare industry, one of the few verticals that adopted tablet PCs, is leading the charge.

Dell’s approach will be to use the Streak as part of a broader portfolio and make it part of an integrated IT package of hardware, software and services. In this scenario, doctors may initially drool over the iPad, but the chief information officer and hospital administrators may favor mobile devices in an integrated bundle that can work in a heavily regulated environment. Starting this fall, hospitals and physicians can order the Streak as a part of Dell’s EMR and mobile clinical computing product line. Dell is already touting the Streak on its healthcare and life sciences page.

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