The Record, July 19, 2011

A local doctor has developed a chip that can be implanted in artificial knees, hips or other prosthetics that will relay medical information about the patient. Lee Berger, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, developed the technology after frequent experiences with patients who did not remember the information needed to get proper follow-up care. "Ortho-Tag" is a wireless chip imbedded in the prosthetic that contains information about a patient, implant, and procedure. A handheld receiver allows physicians to access information about their patient. "A patient could just have all information necessary for care available in their implant," said Berger, who has been affiliated with St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center for 25 years and The Valley Hospital for 15 in addition to having his own private practice in Fair Lawn. The Ortho-tag still has to be approved by the FDA. "We hope to have it out between six months to a year," said Berger.

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