Latest ICD-10 Delay Re-shuffles the Deck, Irritates Players

Scott Mace, April 1, 2014

Another year-long delay in the deadline for implementation of the ICD-10 medical coding set spells frustration for vendors and providers. "This is bad," says CHIME president and CEO Russ Branzell.


Russ Branzell
President and CEO of CHIME

CHIME president and CEO Russ Branzell's mood was one of irritation Monday evening in the wake of the Senate "doc fix" vote which postpones ICD-10 compliance requirements for another year.

"We'll continue to try to push to see with the executive branch and the White House staff [Tuesday] to see if there's any chance at all of doing some education of why this is bad. But at this point, we generally think it's going to go through," Branzell told me.

Senate Passes SGR Fix, Obama Likely to Sign

"Essentially, ICD-10 was being held hostage with the SGR fix and at this point. It had to be voted on tonight and essentially it has to be signed tonight to have an SGR fix effective tomorrow, which is when the original SGR fix sunsets. I would be surprised if it isn't on its way over to the White House to be signed tonight anyway."

I asked Branzell if anybody had identified those groups that had gotten the ICD-10 language inserted.

"I asked the question around today and all I got was that it was predominantly from the specialty and subspecialty medical groups," he said. "We know the AMA wasn't for it, because they put something on their Web site… I would assume that it was more that the specialty groups were pushing for the SGR fix, and this got included in it."

Scott Mace

Scott Mace is the former senior technology editor for HealthLeaders Media. He is now the senior editor, custom content at H3.Group.


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