The Most Polarizing Topics in Healthcare IT

Scott Mace, December 3, 2013

Seven healthcare IT issues that divide IT leaders, users, and patients, including, Epic Systems, ICD-10 and SNOWMED CT, and the BYOD trend.

It's time for those stories that look back at 2013. What better place to start but with those healthcare IT issues that divide us and create lots of topics for journalists like me to pick apart and try to put back together.

My top seven topics: Its problems were predictable, but is it salvageable? Lipstick on a pig? Now that the calendar has turned to December, mass numbers of signups must materialize for the site to be called a success—especially now that insurers have cancelled millions of old healthcare plans. The new site may do a good job (finally) of showing consumers how much each healthcare plan will cost, but as critics have pointed out, it still fails to make it simple to see exactly what you are buying for that money. How about a section showing the minimum coverage of each health insurance policy? Oh, and while we're at it, let's put all of this in plain English.

Scott Mace

Scott Mace is the former senior technology editor for HealthLeaders Media. He is now the senior editor, custom content at H3.Group.


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