MU Audit Victim Lives to Tell

Scott Mace, August 27, 2013

A provider who went through a Meaningful Use audit explains how she got through it, relying on training received at a user group conference and the help of her state's Regional Extension Center.

Don't be surprised if every third word I write for the next year or so is about Meaningful Use. It's a mountain we all must climb, but we're now well up on the slopes and have already encountered some challenges of late. No wonder that the calls for delay keep piling up.

But I have a snippet of good news on the Meaningful Use front this week. According to industry consultant Frank Poggio, the tally of EHR software certified for the 2014 Edition of Meaningful Use, including Stage 2, now stands at Epic, McKesson (Paragon only), Allscripts, Meditech. HMS, and CPSI.

According to Poggio, that still leaves Cerner, GE, Siemens, Healthland, QuadraMed, NTT-Data (Keane) and a host of others not yet certified. But hey, it's a start.

And more good news: for the first time, I've found a provider who went through a Meaningful Use audit, and survived.

South Arkansas Eye Clinic, founded in 2000, is the largest eye clinic in Union County, Arkansas, based in the county seat of El Dorado. Eighteen months ago, it implemented Allscripts PM practice management software and Medflow, eye-care-specific EHR software certified for Meaningful Use.

Scott Mace

Scott Mace is the former senior technology editor for HealthLeaders Media. He is now the senior editor, custom content at H3.Group.


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