Government Health IT, June 30, 2011

Payers are on track for the implementation of ICD-10 and do not anticipate problems with processing payments — at least according to Ian Bonnet, vice president leading the ICD-10 rollout at health insurer Wellpoint. Bonnet added that the same cannot be said for providers. Some payers that are ready, and large providers where they can, are helping small healthcare providers prepare for the broad change to avoid obstacles in payment processing when ICD-10 is required. Such collaborations will supply the "tipping point," he said at a June 28 healthcare payments conference. The conversion to ICD-10 will incorporate many more codes that will enable specific diagnoses and treatment procedure details on claims to produce more accurate payments and fewer reviews and denials. After Oct. 1, 2013, providers cannot submit claims using ICD-9 coding and expect to be paid.  "We don't want to mispay providers," Bonnet said. "We are collaborating with physicians and re-coding with them."

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