Technology's Role in the Patient Experience Imperative

Gienna Shaw, August 16, 2011

Several years ago I wrote about how an organization's Web site could improve the patient experience. Back then, making it easy to find phone numbers, directions, and other info on the site, creating doctor directories with profiles, photos, and video interviews, and perhaps offering some health-related content seemed advanced. Today it seems quaint.

In our most recent Intelligence Report, The New Patient Experience Imperative, we polled leaders at healthcare organizations to learn about their online strategies. The results, to say the least, were mixed. Some organizations are using advanced online tactics. But it seems like more are still pinning their patient experience hopes on outdated models. 

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We asked leaders to share their strategies for online communication and interaction with patients to enhance the patient experience. Most (45%) said they will update their existing website to assist and attract new patients. Meanwhile, 33% said they do not yet have a strategy in place.


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