Behind Wellmont Health's Search for a Partner

John Commins, January 22, 2014

Wellmont Health System CEO and President Margaret "Denny" DeNarvaez discusses the Tennessee-based system's search for a potential buyer. Not having an immediate need to make a deal is key, she says, because "it is more important to do it right than to do it fast."



Margaret "Denny" DeNarvaez
Wellmont Health System CEO and President

When Wellmont Health System announced this month that it was looking for a partner, the Kingsport, TN-based health system, with seven hospitals serving Upper East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, said it had "launched a process to evaluate strategic options for the organization's future, including the possibility of aligning with another health system."

Wellmont CEO and President Margaret "Denny" DeNarvaez spoke with me recently about the challenges facing her health system and finding the right partner amid the global shift towards provider consolidation.

HLM: What prompted Wellmont to search for a partner?

DeNarvaez: Quite frankly, we feel like we are in a good position both financially and with our clinical standing in the area to be seeking a partner at a time when we don't need to seek a partner. We are looking proactively at what is out there that would enhance our position and our ability to provide care.

And we're doing that in a time where we don't have a gun to our head and we can be thoughtful about what those partnerships might look like and who they might be with and what they might bring to us beyond what we can do by ourselves.

HLM: What can't you do on your own?

DeNarvaez: It's really more with respect to what we know is going to happen in the next few years than it is an immediate need. There is nothing per se today that we are not able to do as a result of our financial position. But we look downstream and we see the significant reimbursement cuts that continue to come and we look at the penalties that will also continue to increase, year over year, for failure to meet certain standards.

The reality is the headwinds in healthcare are going to be pretty strong. To combat that there is going to be a change in the business model for healthcare. Many folks will be taking on risk so they can advance healthcare in a different fashion from what we have traditionally done. To do that we definitely believe a partner would be a preferred option.

John Commins

John Commins is a senior editor at HealthLeaders Media.


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