Wellpoint Gives Voice to Physician Leaders

Christopher Cheney, June 25, 2014

A social media initiative gives future physician leaders a platform from which to share their ideas on healthcare in an effort to boost debate and engagement within and beyond the medical community.

In a crowded marketplace, it's not necessarily the vendors with the best deals or loudest touts who do the best business. The most successful ones are the ones who know how to engage with customers.

The crowded health insurance marketplace is no different. Wellpoint, with its American Resident Project, is banking on it.

In the first year of the program, the payer has given young medical professionals—future leaders—an online platform to engage with colleagues in healthcare, in provider-to-payer communities, and with consumers in the marketplace.

"The fact of the matter is, we are one voice in the healthcare debate. One of the voices that was not being heard was emerging healthcare leaders… It impacts all of us. The physicians are a key element of the discussion. This is an opportunity to highlight and share ideas," a Wellpoint spokesperson told me.

The roster of bloggers for the American Resident Project started with a dozen fellows, nine of whom have stuck with the monthly blog posting schedule through the program's first year and collected a $2,000 annual stipend. Collectively they have written 50 blog posts and amassed 3,000 registered followers.

Christopher Cheney

Christopher Cheney is the senior finance editor at HealthLeaders Media.


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