3 Things Your Social Media Posts Tell Job Applicants

Chelsea Rice, October 14, 2013

Your most powerful recruiting tool is the message you're broadcasting on social media. Recruiters should be in lockstep with the marketing department if they hope to compete with other organizations to recruit and retain potential employees.


>>>What Your Organization's Social Media Page Tells Job Candidates

Why do the top health systems attract the best talent? That's easy. Their reputations precede them. And increasingly that's happening via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

A candidate's initial web search can lead to a stone wall. A general homepage, with a fairly informative careers page lack any flavor, character, or buzz to excite applicants. Maybe there are some jobs posted. Whoopee.

"When we're talking employer branding, social media is the purest way for an organization to distribute their brand," says Shawn Kessler, senior strategist at ab+c, a marketing communications agency. Kessler heads up recruitment and marketing division within the agency, and specializes in healthcare. Eighty to ninety percent of his work leans heavily on employer branding efforts.

Let's take an honest look in the mirror.

Here are the three negative messages of your bare-bones social media presence:

1.You fail to set yourself apart from any other hospital or health system.

What's worse than an applicant being unable to find any insight into your employee culture? The fact that you actually do all of these things: the picnics, the run/walks for charity, employee concerts, but no one knows because you don't post about these events on social media. You look like everybody else.


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