3 Ways Healthcare HR is About to Change

Cora Nucci, November 25, 2013

Say goodbye to the practice of HR as you've known it. Big changes are coming to the way organizations hire, manage, and reward employees.

1. Workforce analytics = People data

Quick: What do the Oakland A's and Google have in common?

Sure, they're both based in the Bay Area of California. Both are staffed by vigorously active and healthy-looking workers. And both organizations are industry standouts. (Google is almost an industry by itself. The A's have won nine World Series titles, four since the franchise has been in Oakland.)

But the most interesting characteristic they share is how they use data to achieve competitive advantages. Both employ sophisticated data analysis tools to make decisions that move their organizations forward, including staffing decisions.

During Oakland's 2002 season, team manager Billy Beane famously adopted a strategy of making roster decisions based on batting averages, RBIs, and a multitude of other stats, rather than the guesses and gut instinct of scouts.

The result? The team finished first in the American League West that season. Beane's management style took only a few weeks to transform from old school gut-check calls to the data-intensive style recounted in Michael Lewis's bestseller Moneyball and the Brad Pitt film of the same name.

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