Our Annual Industry Survey: The Challenge to Collaborate

Bob Wertz for HealthLeaders Media, February 13, 2012

This article appears in the February 2012 issue of HealthLeaders magazine.

Until you identify the source of a problem, you are not likely to develop a solution. A common theme that runs through the results of the HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey 2012 is collaboration—the need for it and, too often, the lack of it.

HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey 2012
The priorities and concerns of nearly 1,000 of your colleagues in healthcare leadership are revealed in this year's comprehensive multi-part survey, our fourth annual HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey.
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This fourth annual offering—through survey data and analysis of that data by healthcare leaders themselves—reveals the targeted priorities and concerns from within the industry's C-suite. The comprehensive project, conducted by the HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Unit, breaks down the results into multiple reports that explore issues of special interest to finance, physician, nurse, and senior leaders. We drill down further in reports that focus exclusively on CEOs, community and rural leaders, and service line revenue growth.

The Overall Cross-Sector Report shares the thinking of nearly 1,100 of your peers in the industry: senior leaders at hospitals, health systems, physician organizations, and other provider and payer settings. Together, they offer a unique look at the state of the healthcare industry and where it is heading.

  • A significant majority, 59% of healthcare leaders, cited "too much self-interest among the different stakeholders" as the reason the healthcare industry cannot solve its own problems. The next-highest response (14%) was "lack of incentive to innovate or deliver value."
  • So who's going to save the healthcare industry? No single actor or group can succeed, according to our survey—the single greatest response to this question (31%) was "other," and the written comments reveal that most believe it will take a collaborative effort among all elements of the industry to fix things. Next in line to save the industry, respondents say, are hospitals (22%), government (12%), and physicians (11%).
  • It may come as little surprise that the single biggest culprit for the healthcare industry's mess is the government, cited by 40% of respondents. Health plans get the blame from 22% of respondents, but an equal share, 22%, chose "other," and the written comments reveal a belief that all stakeholders must share the blame.



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