Poll Finds Many Nurses Believe Staff Shortages are Affecting Patient Care

HealthLeaders Media Staff, July 15, 2009

Nearly three-quarters of nurses who participated in an American Nurses Association (ANA) online poll that drew almost 15,000 responses reported insufficient staffing at their workplace. Forty-two percent of respondents also cited inadequate staffing as the reason they were considering leaving their position—suggesting nurse shortages will worsen.

The results of the anonymous poll that's been live on the Safe Staffing Saves Lives Campaign Web site since March 2008 were released last week, illustrating the need for sufficient nurse staffing and nurses' views on its significance to the delivery of quality patient care.

The majority (84%) of respondents indicated they were employed at hospitals and most (76%) worked full-time. Nearly 75% were staff nurses. Furthermore, nurse experience levels varied, with 55% reporting less than 15 years experience and 45% more than 15 years.

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