4 Marketing Tactics for Hospitals on Instagram

Marianne Aiello, March 12, 2014

Rev your social media campaigns by using Instagram to get your message across with strong visuals. The photo-sharing platform is particularly effective for promoting service lines and bolstering fundraising campaigns.

At first glance, Instagram, the number one photo editing and sharing app, doesn't appear to be an integral element to a healthcare marketing campaign. Back when Facebook bought the company for $1 billion in 2012, the social networking platform was most popular among younger demographics, who used the app to share photos of sunsets, their dinner plates, and their cats. So many cats.

But now, as Instagram boasts 150 million active users, organizations are flocking to the site to promote their brand to an engaged consumer base using visuals. Hospitals and health systems are among these trailblazers using Instagram in unique ways to increase their social reach.

Here are the four best tactics I've seen hospitals enact with Instagram.

1. Promoting Community Engagement

Downers Grove, IL-based Advocate Healthcare created an Instagram account last year after experiencing success on Pinterest, another photo-heavy social networking site. Marketers knew their Instagram efforts would likely be just as positive when they attracted 670 followers in two months.


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