Upside of Hospital Downsizing is More Focused Care

Marianne Aiello, September 26, 2012

When rebranding, many healthcare facilities tout a new focus on more personalized care, rolling out programs to improve the patient experience. Others opt to focus on services in order to earn regional and national recognition for their positive outcomes.

And an ambitious few rebrand around both platforms, though they rarely measure up.

Salt Lake City's LDS Hospital is one of those ambitious few and an exception. Due to its unique circumstances, holds true to its new brand promise of providing extraordinary care in a highly personalized way.

Repositioning after losing 208 beds
Five years ago Intermountain Healthcare, LDS' parent health system, moved its flagship hospital from LDS to the then-new Intermountain Medical Center. At the time, LDS was a 420-bed facility that offered many high-end services such as solid organ transplant, level one trauma services, open heart surgery, and level three NICU care. Once Intermountain opened its doors, many of those services moved there. LDS began to transition to 212 beds.

While some would have viewed the downsizing as a negative, LDS' administration realized the potential that presented. They decided to create "care as individual as each patient" and focus on improving its remaining services.

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