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Medically Complex Patients on the Rise: Is Your Rehab Program Ready?

Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services

As America’s population ages, the number of medically complex patients is expected to rise. By 2030, stroke prevalence is expected to grow by 21% and more than 1.2 million people are projected to have Parkinson’s disease. This evolving patient population is challenging, so how can rehab programs adapt to meet the demand?

Watch this video to learn how to overcome common rehab challenges.

The 3 C’s of Effective Patient Care Coordination


How are you driving coordinated patient care?

In a disjointed system, effectively coordinating care for patients with complex health needs can be deceptively challenging. Successful care coordination requires a patient-centered strategy that promotes communication while enhancing knowledge. But how can you ensure your strategy adequately addresses these components?

Watch this video to learn how the three C’s of effective patient care coordination can revolutionize patient care at your organization.