After SCOTUS Healthcare Ruling, No Middle Ground Will Remain

Joe Cantlupe, June 14, 2012

When the Supreme Court hands down its decision on whether or not the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is constitutional, Glen Stream, MD, FAAFP, MBI, president of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP),  hopes he'll be in meetings and not making rounds in his clinic in Spokane, Wash.

That's because he wants to be available to respond to the flood of calls anticipated from the media—and even his fellow physicians. The high court is expected to decide this month whether the healthcare reform law should be overturned in full or in part, or remain intact. Stream, for one, is ready to give his opinion.

And that's in the middle of the road.

Stream is unlike a lot of his physician colleagues who detest the law and would love nothing better than to see it completely trashed by the Supreme Court.

Stream's AAFP, which represents 105,000 doctors, has supported the health care law. His association certainly isn't a cheerleader for it, though. The executive board supported the act, passed two years ago, though "somewhat reluctantly on the whole," Stream tells HealthLeaders Media. "It was controversial among membership; it was imperfect, and incomplete."

Joe Cantlupe Joe Cantlupe is a senior editor with HealthLeaders Media Online.Twitter


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