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34% of Healthcare Orgs Say Investment in Value Yields Strong or Moderate ROI

News  |  By Jonathan Bees  
   March 01, 2018

Providers are investing in many areas in support of value-based programs.

After years of investment in infrastructure, healthcare IT, and care delivery enhancements, providers are finally starting to see a return on this investment.

According to respondents in the 2018 HealthLeaders Media Annual Industry Outlook Survey, approximately one-third (34%) say that their organization’s investment in value-based care over the past five years has yielded a strong (10%) or moderate (24%) return on investment.

All things told, 59% of respondents report having some level of return on investment, which is a positive finding. On the other hand, 26% of respondents report receiving no ROI yet, meaning that more than one-quarter have no financial rewards to show for their efforts.

Value-based investment

Providers are investing across a broad range of areas as they build infrastructure and add manpower in support of value-based programs.

For example, when investing in groups and individuals, respondents say that the leading area over the next three years will be care coordinators (65%) by a wide margin.

The strong response reflects respondent interest in increasing the effectiveness of value-based programs. Responses for data analytics staff (46%), nursing staff (43%), and physician staff (42%) form a second tier after care coordinators.

Likewise, the top two areas of the care continuum in which respondents expect their organization will begin or increase investment over the next three years are primary care (51%) and urgent care/convenient care clinics (51%), key components of a value-based care model.

Investment in service lines demonstrates a similar focus on value-based care components. While respondents mention a broad range of service lines in which their organizations will be investing over the next three years, the top response is for primary care (29%), a key part of any value-based strategy.

Jonathan Bees is a research analyst for HealthLeaders.

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