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Fact File: Correlations between operations, culture and outcomes indicate necessity of integrated data sets

Leveraging data to track and improve performance is crucial for hospitals and health systems. Through integrated clinical, operational and cultural data, organizations will gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between their operations and outcomes.

Data analysis allows organizations to identify correlations and patterns that can drive improvements. This knowledge helps prioritize improvement resources for maximum impact.

In a recent comparison of data sets, Vizient experts have identified meaningful correlations between operations and outcomes to watch.

Fact File: Running Out of Beds Solving the Capacity Crunch

Healthcare is experiencing a capacity crunch; it’s rare to find a health system with space to spare. Many systems are working to build their way out of the problem through growth strategies but may find that challenging due to the ongoing workforce shortages and tighter access to capital.

Read the latest HealthLeaders Fact File to be better prepared and learn about:

  • Shifting physical procedural sites of care to create space
  • Exploring digital care alternatives to help alleviate and get ahead of acute demand
  • Setting up hospital-at-home initiatives
  • And more!

Medicare Advantage Growth Strategies for 2023 and Beyond

June 2023

Medicare Advantage is expected to have a monumental year in 2023. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projections indicate 2023 will be the year Medicare Advantage (MA) penetration surpasses the symbolic majority threshold of 50%. Furthermore, major regulatory changes are set to be enacted or finalized that will inevitably impact both plan sponsors and providers.

Read the latest HealthLeaders Fact File to be better prepared and learn about:

  • Medicare Advantage becoming a large part of their payer mix
  • Medicare Advantage expansion preparations
  • And more!

Nursing Workforce Trends Indicate Flexibility as Leading Indicator for Operational Success

February 2023

Healthcare is experiencing labor shortages across the board, and no department is safe. In Vizient’s latest Workforce Intelligence Report, we spotlighted the landscape of nursing and tactics for near-term and long-term success.

Read the latest HealthLeaders Fact File to learn more about:

  • Financial margins
  • How high turnover rates are causing a vicious cycle
  • Contract labor and how it is here to stay
  • And more!