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Fact File: Healing and Re-Engaging the Healthcare Workforce

June 2022

Health care organizations face significant challenges with workforce retention, emotional exhaustion, burnout, and more. Although COVID-19 did not create these challenges, it did amplify them, calling attention to persistent problems—which, left unchecked, can cause harm to patients and care teams.

High-reliability principles, when embedded throughout a health care organization, can help address the fundamental drivers of burnout, emotional exhaustion, staff turnover, and other workforce challenges.

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  • Building a healthy culture is a critical success factor for high-reliability initiatives
  • Connecting the dots between culture and performance
  • Becoming highly reliable and how it is an effective workforce strategy
  • And more!

Fact File: Let’s End Drug Shortages Together

March 2022

2021 marked the lowest number of new drug shortages in 10 years; however, existing drug shortages are not resolving, and the number of ongoing and active shortages is increasing. Regulatory, supply and manufacturing quality issues continue to contribute to the shortage problem. Vulnerable populations, like pediatrics, tend to be the most impacted as generic injectables for oncology, immunology, and other therapeutic areas have been on recent short supply lists. Now the question is, how do we fix this.

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  • The hidden costs associated with drug shortages
  • How hospitals are mitigating their risk of drug shortages
  • The solutions to end drug shortages
  • And more!

Pandemic Recovery Timing and Health Care Projections for the Next Decade

August 2021

During the 2020 global pandemic, hospitals experienced a sharp decline in inpatient volumes and site-of-care shifts. While these trends are not new, these declines were accelerated during the pandemic.

Projections for recovery and growth over the next few years are critical as leaders rework their strategies.

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  • Pandemic recovery timing
  • Site-of-care shift
  • Impact on emergency department volumes
  • And more!

Impact of COVID-19 to PPE Supply

May 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is the known cause of the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) like N95 respirators. Lesser known or discussed are the underlying dynamics that prevented the healthcare supply chain from quickly recovering from a generational spike in demand.

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  • COVID-19 vs PPE orders
  • Moving forward in the new normal
  • Strategies to effect change