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How Integrated Insights Can Transform Care Delivery

June 2020

When it comes to performance improvement, knowing where to start is often the biggest hurdle. The answers come from analyzing quality and cost data together. The challenge is taking an abundance of data, organizing it, and connecting quality and financial metrics to drive decision-making. Data can tell a story, but the right insights can transform your community.

Vizient® partnered with Great State Medical Center to distill performance insights for orthopedics, one of its top patient care centers. Analysis within orthopedics revealed five areas that resulted in enterprisewide benefits.

Integration of APPs to Improve Revenue

April 2020

Many systems are refining the way in which advanced practice providers (APPs) are utilized. Ten years ago, the solution was simply to hire more APPs, which worked in many markets. Now, however, systems are looking at utilizing a team-based care model that effectively uses each provider at top of a license to grow the practice and provide access to care for patients.

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Using Data to Personalize Care

December 2019

Data and analytics help people make good health care decisions and manage the total cost of care

Health care works best when we can understand patients as individuals with unique needs.

With analytic tools that integrate all the available data, we can identify care options that promote improved health and reduced costs—like switching medications or joining a COPD care management program. Critically, we now know which option the member is most likely to use and promote that first.

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Workplace Well-being

October 2019

The way employers have shifted their approach to employee health and well-being over the past decade has been a remarkable evolution. It will continue to evolve over the coming years, according to Optum's 10th annual survey of employers across the U.S. The survey's insights suggest opportunities to enhance well-being programs as well as ways to manage the challenges of administering them.

Today, employers are getting smart, serious and sophisticated in their approach to employee health and well-being.

Employers are:

  • Taking behavioral health needs seriously
  • Adopting sophisticated strategies to address complex conditions
  • Using demographics and technology to innovate programs

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