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The Rising Tide of Multiple Chronic Conditions

October 2020

Consumer insights to help you stay ahead of health care cost trends. 

Although organizations continue to make substantial progress in managing health care costs, there’s a fast-moving tailwind on the horizon: a significant increase in the number of people who are dealing with multiple chronic conditions.

By understanding more about these individuals and how they approach life, work and health care, we can better relate to and serve them.

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Reigniting the Revenue Engine in the Post-Surge Environment

August 2020

Health systems generate much of their revenue through elective procedures. When the COVID-19 pandemic escalated in March 2020, elective volumes declined rapidly and, in some markets, were shut down entirely. The financial impacts of this shutdown are felt throughout an organization; however, there are certain service lines hit harder than others.

Vizient clinical analytics data reported an aggregated 77% decline between February and April 2020 in the five service lines with the highest overall elective surgery volumes: orthopedics, oncology, general surgery, spinal surgery, and cardiac surgery.

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How Integrated Insights Can Transform Care Delivery

June 2020

When it comes to performance improvement, knowing where to start is often the biggest hurdle. The answers come from analyzing quality and cost data together. The challenge is taking an abundance of data, organizing it, and connecting quality and financial metrics to drive decision-making. Data can tell a story, but the right insights can transform your community.

Vizient® partnered with Great State Medical Center to distill performance insights for orthopedics, one of its top patient care centers. Analysis within orthopedics revealed five areas that resulted in enterprisewide benefits.

Integration of APPs to Improve Revenue

April 2020

Many systems are refining the way in which advanced practice providers (APPs) are utilized. Ten years ago, the solution was simply to hire more APPs, which worked in many markets. Now, however, systems are looking at utilizing a team-based care model that effectively uses each provider at top of a license to grow the practice and provide access to care for patients.

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